What people are saying about their peeka-bu

"I just got mine in the mail and LOVE IT! I no longer have to do contortion acts in my itty bitty bathroom."
- Jessica, Atlanta, GA

"This is so great. I am going to walk this straight into the writers room."
Carolyn Hennesy (Star of Cougar Town), Los Angeles CA

"Received my mirror and really enjoy it! Why didn't someone think of this sooner??"
- Linda, Silverthorne, CO

"I purchased your mirror to use along with a "sex education" book for my two granddaughters. Thank you for inventing this."
- Granny Cricket, Evansvillel IN

"I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love this product. Sometimes my boyfriend and I fight over it in the morning. He uses it to shave in the shower every day. I should just by another one."
- Maria, Shertz, TX

"My daughter wanted a mirror for Christmas and I ordered it and it turned out she did as wel!"
- Josie, Walnut Creek CA

"My husband got this for me for my birthday and now uses it to shave his face after I shave my bikini line."
- Tyra Baltimore, MD

"Um, hello! I wish I had this mirror before I almost cut myself this morning. That would have been bad news."
- Mark, Provincetown RI

"I bought this mirror for my sister who is six months pregnant. She is so grateful to finally be able to see herself."
- Karen, Wolcott CT

"I own a peeka-bu and am so pleased with it. Not only is it good for all of my bathroom needs, it's important as an empowered and in tune woman."
- Kelsey, Santa Monica CA

"I can't believe it! I just groomed this morning. I wish I waited til tonight."
- Anonymous Celebrity