Body Hair Care Tips

Here are some tips for your body hair care routine.


The Perfect Shave

There is nothing sexier than irresistibly soft skin. The common task of shaving is generally not conducted properly to get you that perfect finish. First, cover the area with a natural shaving gel or oil. Next, let the shaving commence. Make sure to shave in the same direction that the hair is growing. Once the hair is short enough, you can shave against the skin for a closer shave.


Ingrown Hair Removal

peeka-bu will be your best friend when it comes to combating ingrown hairs. No matter where it is, peeka-bu can give you an up-close view for examining the irritated area. To begin, make sure the bump is, in fact, an ingrown hair. An ingrown hair looks like a pimple or small cyst and can be full of puss. Important: Most people know when they have an ingrown hair. If you have something that looks suspicious, contact a doctor.

Once you've identified the hair, you can begin the simple peeka-bu process of removal. Soften the skin by applying a warm, damp washcloth on the area around the hair. Hold the washcloth on the area until you can see the hair more visibly near the surface of the skin. Generally within 10 minutes, the heat will bring the ingrown hair to the surface. If this doesn't happen and you continue to have infection, you may need professional assistance.

Next, use a sterile needle or tweezers (pointy is the most efficient) to gently ease the hair out of the skin. Do this slowly so as to avoid damaging your skin, especially the sensitive area where pubic hair grows. Try not to pluck the entire hair out, rather just free the ingrown end. When finished, gently lather and rinse with warm water and soap.


To Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Rub a dry brush or loofa around your hairline before getting in the shower. This will help slough off dead skin cells through which ingrown hairs love to grow. Also, apply natural aloe vera gel after shaving.