Get all of your questions answered about Peeka-Bu grooming mirrors:

Where is the best place to use the peeka-bu?

Anywhere you like that has a smooth surface where peeka-bu can strongly attach to. Most of our users like keeping their peeka-bu in the shower, then adjusting it for the bath, bathroom mirror or shower use. If you're using peeka-bu in the shower and are concerned about fogging, just spritz some peeka-bu Anti-Fog solution* on the mirror to improve vision.

* Sold separately.

How often should I use the peeka-bu mirror?

Everybody's hair grows at different rates, so the frequency with which you use the peeka-bu mirror for shaving, trimming or personal grooming is up to you.

Can I use peeka-bu for waxing?

peeka-bu flexible mirrors are a wonderful, effective complement to regular leg waxing and bikini waxing, and perfect for trimming body hair in between trips to the salon.

What about men & manscaping?

peeka-bu is excellent for manscaping. The infinite angles from our flexible mirrors are an added benefit for body hair trimming or shaving, allowing you to see many different views of the face, back, neck, chest and other regions.

How do I clean the peeka-bu mirror?

peeka-bu is easy to clean. Simply rinse with soap and water, and dry with a soft towel.

Can I leave peeka-bu in the shower?

peeka-bu can be left in the shower.

How durable is the peeka-bu mirror?

The peeka-bu mirror is backed with a shatter-proof coating to ensure the mirror will not break if dropped. The flexible arm is very durable and can be moved into unlimited positions to ensure exactly the angle you need.

How long does the peeka-bu suction mirror stay in place?

It's impossible to answer exactly, but if secured properly to a flat surface, the peeka-bu suction shaving mirror will stay in place for weeks or months. (If at any time it loosens, simply follow the instructions on the How To Use page of our web site, and re-attach it.) The peeka-bu grooming mirror weighs less than 1 pound, yet the suction is strong enough to hold up to 5.5 pounds of weight.

Can I travel with the peeka-bu mirror?

The slim, lightweight peeka-bu grooming mirrors are collapsible and can curl down to the size of a travel hair dryer, making it easy to tuck away in your toiletry bag or suitcase.

Can I return or exchange peeka-bu?

All peeka-bu products are carefully inspected before being sent to you. However, if damaged upon purchase or shipment, peeka-bu may be returned within 7 days for a replacement.